Bio-medical research in S.S Hospital & Research Institute has been emerged as a new potential to carry out well-allied investigative applications of Basic sciences and Cancer aspects in particular. The research department has been self-evolved to such scientific and academic contentment that it is recognized as a SIRO from DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. The dissertation and training programmes in different streams of Biological & Biomedical sciences are also well-recognized in various universities in and outside Bihar. The following core research laboratories are functioning very efficiently with multi-disciplinary integration and gaining more strength in terms of better facilities and better skillful research personnel. Research on relatively new disciplines, but more clinically fruitful areas, has been ideally initiated in the Institute keeping the ultimate outputs for the mankind.

  • Microbiology Laboratory

  • Molecular Biology Laboratory

  • Histopathology Laboratory

  • Centre for Cognitive Sciences, Yoga & Meditation

  • Laboratory for Pre-clinical studies & Reproductive Health