SS Hospital

S S Hospital & Research Institute aims to provide innovative and effective training to the students for their successful career in various fields.

Biotechnology is a technological application that uses biological system, living organism or derivatives theory to make or modify product or processes for specific use. Biotechnology combines disciplines like Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Embryology and Cell Biology which are linked with Chemical Engineering, Information Technology and Robotics.

Bioinformatics - SS Hospital & Research Institute provides training for Bioinformatics, Applied Technology including Applied Mathematics, Informatics, Statistics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Chemistry and Biochemistry to solve biological problems. Usually at molecular level, bioinformatics increases our understanding of biological processes.

Environmental Science- S S Hospital & Research Institute will impart training to B.Sc / M.Sc courses in Environmental Sciences, teaching about environmental pollutant hazards because the magnitude and complexity of environmental pollution are becoming a grave concern of scientists.

Molecular Biology- S S Hospital & Research Institute Provides training to students in the field of life sciences and pharmacy using diabetic, toxicological and carcinogenic models.

Onco Nursing College, Onco Paramedical School, Onco Physiotherapy school -- in Pipeline